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United Kingdom and Ireland Toastmasters, District 71

Gerard Mannix District Director 2020-2021
Gerard Mannix DTM

Dear Fellow Toastmasters

Greetings to you all!

It’s an honour to serve as Director of District 71. Our District comprises 12 Divisions, 47 Areas, 200 plus clubs and over 4,000 members.

Whatever brought you to Toastmasters, we want you to discover that there is so much more to gain and that you will be supported every step of the way.

When I joined Toastmasters 10 years ago, it was to improve my confidence in public speaking. I would never have believed that one day I would be leading the District and setting the vision.

Vision for 2020-21

Our vision for 2020-21 is both inspirational and aspirational: ‘Expectations Exceeded’. This will be achieved by members supporting each other to thrive.

By June 2021 we expect:

•          Every member will achieve at least one educational goal

•          D71 will be a Distinguished District

•          Members will adapt and thrive in the ‘new normal’ post-Covid-19

Our theme for the year is ‘Promote the Toastmasters Promise’, a call to remind ourselves of the ten promises we signed up to when we became Toastmasters.  Acting on these promises will serve us well as we navigate the challenges and opportunities of life post covid-19. Challenges that include whether we return to in-person club meetings, remain hosting online meetings or a combination of both. 

Pathways, the sole Toastmasters educational program, provides an opportunity for every member to exceed expectations. The District Leadership Team has an ambitious plan to support and help clubs navigate pathways and achieve high adoption rates.

In addition to facing the challenges, we look forward to seizing every opportunity to celebrate success across the District; and there are many incentives in place to reward success.

Have a wonderful year and keep up the great work!

Gerard Mannix, DTM

D71 District Director

Brenda Lannon

Brenda Lannon, Program Quality Director

It is important for all committee members in a club to understand what it is the other members are trying to achieve, why they are doing it and how they can support each other.

This incentive supports the District’s success plan by providing clubs with a better chance of achieving their goals under the Distinguished Club Program (DCP).

Elizabeth Jordan

Elizabeth Jordan, Club Growth Director

Every organisation needs growth to survive. In any one year some clubs will not renew and many more will start up. Toastmasters works! Let’s give everyone the opportunity to have a club within walking distance from their home and Organisations the opportunity to have a Toastmasters Club in their workplace.

James Finnegan

James Finnegan, Public Relations Manager

Good PR attracts new guests, invites discussion and improves the reputation of the Club and Toastmasters generally.

Elizabeth Jordan

Elizabeth Jordan, Club Growth Director

Many clubs experience a loss in membership at September renewals as existing members leave the club for lots of different reasons. Recruiting in the early months helps to maintain the membership based upon the number of members at 30 June.

Maintaining a healthy membership number (25+) gives the club a much better opportunity to hold quality meetings with enough members to avoid double roles. Quality club meetings attract new members. Healthy club growth is an important part of Club Success.