Toastmasters UK North & Ireland

100 Voices Incentive 100 Words 100 Members 100 Stories

100 Euro prize draw x 5 will be awarded after the closing date


Send the District team a short (1 minute) video with your stories, max 100-second video, a 100-word poem, or a 100-word story about your Toastmasters Journey and what you love about it.


100 Euro prize draw x 5 will be awarded after the closing date


This incentive is currently Closed.

Start date: 28 May 2024
End date: 14 June 2024

How to claim

To enter this prize draw, submit your 100-second video, photo or 100-word poem or 100-word story through the District 71 website . 

The PR Manager will conduct a prize draw based on the submissions received by the deadline 14th of June 2024.

The winning member’s club will be awarded 100 euro, which can be claimed by following the club incentive claim process. There will be total of 5  x 100 euro  prizes and is limited to one prize per club.

Members in good standing for  all District 71 UK and Ireland  clubs can opt to send either a 100-word story, or a 100-word poem or a short video of 100- second.

The criteria is an aspect of your Toastmasters journey on how you have grown by being part of this vibrant supportive community in your own words.

Your club can send multiple entries between now and the 14th of June, all entries must be submitted through this website.  One entry per member.

This is open to every club member  regardless of length of service, we value your stories to help spread the word to  inspire, motivate and encourage others.

If you submit a photograph or video/photo content you must complete a video/photo release form