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October 23 Poem: History and Her story

October 2023

Toastmasters take a bow
Many words between then and now
To announce, profess, to say, to tell
No less water in the well

Each language has its thrill
It’s in each word to self fulfil
In each its own full meaning bring
To be silent, to write, to talk, to sing

When words and Toastmasters met
The long haul destiny indelibly set
Each one enriching the other
Each the keeper of his brother

Custodian of a treasure
With skill to make and measure
The kindest word that can be made
Is the unkind word unsaid

We look forward to such mastering again
As was witnessed by women and men
A bird flies through history
Carrying the Toastmaster story

Here’s to those gone before us
Who held the door open for us
The torch is passed from hand to hand
All of 99 years spun and spanned

Mike Keenan D71 Poet-in-Residence

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