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Hall of Fame District 71 2022-23

Leadership Accomplishments

Selected highlights from this years hall of fame. These have been compiled with contributions from the wider team, DD Elizabeth Jordan, IPDD Brenda Lannon, Admin Steve Campion, Content Creator James Finnegan.

Toastmasters International Awards
District Program Quality Award –  Elizabeth Jordan

Excellence in Program Quality Award

International Convention, August 2023

115 Distinguished Clubs for District 71 for UK and Ireland

Select Distinguished Divisions

District 71 recognises that it is the entire team of areas and the team members of each area that make the division a success we would not be able to achieve this without the contributions of the Area Directors and all of the collective members. Your contributions are valuable. It is all about being part of a team, together every one achieves more.

Team work is the key to a successful year.

More Teams to Acknowledge

High Performance Team

Pathways Community of Practice

Underpinning the quality of the district

150-4-50 Challenge Team – 50th Anniversary DCP Excellence

Nikita Park

John Kelly

Elizabeth Jordan

* PIP Ted Corcoran

Division Director of the Year 2022-23

Area Director of the Year 2022-23

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