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Impact Through Leadership

Date(s) - 24/04/2023
8:15 pm - 9:30 pm

Online event:

Don’t miss this workshop, Impact Through Leadership, especially with the elections for new officers coming up in May.

Does your Toastmasters Club leave an impact on your members like the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs, Mount Vesuvius’ destruction of Pompei, or the great fire of Chicago?

If the answer is “No.”, then one speech by Josh Damigo probably won’t help… but what if it did!?!

Join the award-winning speaker, hilarious storyteller, and recovering singer-songwriter, Josh Damigo, as he shares heartfelt stories and loosely fitting anecdotes about the value of Toastmasters and how you can leave your club with a world-changing impact!

Josh Damigo is a Program Faculty Member and Global Client Manager for ‘Influential U’ – the leading business education in Transactional Competence and Professional Influence.

From owning his own business and helping other small businesses, to developing into a corporate leader, and literally being a rock star, Josh has worn multiple hats throughout his career as he is also an accomplished speaker, instructor, podcast host, and a sought-after Master of Ceremonies throughout Ventura County. He lives on the beach in Ventura, California and is a Capricorn.

Another Edinburgh Advanced Toastmasters workshop – Impact Through Leadership – sign up on the eventbrite link today!

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